How to get through challenging times

In every journey, whether you are a coach or in any business, there will be challenging times. People think success is easy because we see these success stories sound so easy. When we do it, we think why am I getting stuck, why is this happening or why am I not earning the money? There was a time I was feeling this which puts me on a downward spiral. I think it is important to talk about it and share that this process is normal. We all go through challenging times. It’s part of life, it’s the ebb and flow of life. We wish things were going smooth, but life is not like that. We go up, we go down, we jump, we bounce, we do all of these things. It is normal.

I’m not going to lie. Yes, I do go through challenging times. I used these steps to help me to get through my challenging times. Now I have the habit of being grateful when challenges arises. Challenges help me to heal whatever needs to be healed. It helps me to grow and build skills. It strengthens my mindset to be the kind of women I want to be. I feel that there is a reason behind every challenge. Challenges are a form of blessings because they help you go to the next level. Without challenges, life gets kind of boring right? When we see things this way, it makes the process easier. If you find yourself in a challenging moment, you can apply these steps right now.

Step 1: Breathe.

When you find yourself going through a challenging time, a challenging client or situation, just sit, relax and breathe. You know so many times when challenge comes up, we go into frantic mode. We go into action mode versus sitting, relaxing and breathing. It is so important to take this moment and just breathe. If we don’t, we will be taking action from the energy that has created this challenge. We use the energy and mindset that has created this challenge to try and solve this challenge. By now, you will realize that you cannot find the solutions using that same mindset and energy. We just need to stop and breathe. That’s the number one thing you got to do. The challenge will wait, sometimes it can be a pressure of time or pressure from other people. Don’t let the pressure get to you. Just sit and breathe.

Step 2: Sit in Silence and Stay Present.

Whenever a challenging situation arise for me, I like to sit in silence and stay present. I really believe when I’m on my own in silence, I get to connect with my intuition, with the universe. With this connection, I get insights and answers.  I stay present. There may be a ton of things I need to work on, but staying present and doing one thing at a time keeps me calm. Not everything needs to be done right now. Be grateful that you are aware of all the things that are showing up. Make a list and do one thing at a time. Focus on your strengths rather than your blocks. Make a list of your wins and see how much you have overcame. Be where you are at. Never feel guilty about that. Never freak out in your timeline. Be in your process. Everything is divine timing. Trust your timing. Start small, one structure at a time. What is the 1st step, so you don’t fall into overwhelm.

Step 3: Shift your Vibration.

Do things that can shift your vibration. I help my clients to break this pattern because that’s where the miracles happen and success comes in.  Whenever you go into a fight with your partner, you go into silence. Break this pattern. Instead of staying silence, go into another room and do something else. Do something different. Maybe if it’s a challenge with a client, do something different to shift the energy. If you are doing the same thing, you are going to create the same results. Break the pattern. Sometimes the shift doesn’t have to involve the other person, it can be within yourself. What can you shift in your pattern or vibration? Example: If you are used to sleeping at 11pm, sleep at 9pm. Do something to break your pattern and shift the energy.

Many times in your life you may find yourself going through the same challenges again and again. With the same vibration and pattern, you are re-creating these challenges. We got to learn to break these patterns. Sometimes, it isn’t about the formula of success or what to do for success. It is the patterns and habits we got to change in order to get success.

Step 4: Go through it.

Don’t get scared or resist the challenge. Guess what, this too shall past. The sun will come up after every storm. There’s always light after the dark. It’s always morning the next day. If you are going through challenging times, it shall pass. By resisting, you make the challenge bigger. Don’t resist, go through it. Get the support you need, and go through it. This will make you a stronger person.

With these steps, I hope you now have the strength to handle any challenging times. Share with me, in the comments below, which tip you found most useful.

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