How to Become Emotionally Independent and Take Charge of the Way We Feel

Has it ever happened to you that you go into a place and come out feeling totally drained? Or you go into a place where someone is fighting and that energy totally affects you and puts you down? Or a family member who is in a very strong negative emotional state makes you get emotionally unstable?

I have seen how so many people are stuck by being affected by another person’s feelings and emotions. It happens all the time.

It should not be this way. Our feelings and emotions are our responsibility and only we can take charge and control over it.

I want to share with you a few ways I have learned to take charge of the way I feel:

1. Understand that everyone has a different path. You might not understand their path, but remember that we don’t know what we don’t know. It might be for their highest good.

2. Be responsible of how you feel. If you feel bad because of someone else, take responsibility because you allowed that person to affect you. Make a conscious decision not to be affected next time.

3. Take time to ground yourself and detach yourself. You can do this by meditation or just visualizing how you are different from the other person.

4. Start to become more aware when there is someone’s energy that is affecting you.

5. Know that it is your thoughts that create your emotions and feelings. When you are feeling bad, check your thoughts. What are you thinking? It usually starts here.

6. Stay away when you can from people who drain your energy. This is not the best solution but it can be helpful in the beginning while you master your feelings and emotions and gain more emotional independence.

I hope this helps. There is nothing better than living in a place where only you are responsible for the way you feel.

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