No.1 Block of starting coaches

Today I will be sharing with you the number one block that women, entrepreneurs and coaches get stuck with. This is a block that actually I’ve been struggling for a while. (In total transparency)

It’s a block that many of us have to work on and sometimes continue to work on.

The number one block is impatience.

Impatience is a block. This energy holds our desires back from us.

Today morning I was training with my personal trainer and I was doing one of the exercise she told me to do and she said: ‘’Stop! If you hurry and do it too fast it will make you dumb!’’ I was like what? Dumb? What do you mean?

She said: When you do the exercises to fast you aren’t working your muscle and you will not get the results you want you will just get dumb and impatient.

And this got me thinking.  How many times do we do this in our own business? We go too fast because we want to ‘’reach’’ somewhere yet we don’t do anything right because we are in a hurry.

Think about it, if you’re doing it so fast you really are not working anything.

Don’t try to do everything in your business all at once and very fast, go slow and do one thing at a time. We have to always remind ourselves to slow down, do each and every action in your business with joy. You don’t have to compare yourself. Do things in your own time, because the only person you have to compare yourself with is yourself.

Go slow, be patient.

Impatience is a really low frequency and can block us to manifest, make money, get clients and many others things that are important to our business.

So next time you notice yourself going TOOO FAST… Stop… Breathe.. Relax… And go again..

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