Three Ways You Could be STOPPING Yourself from Receiving Wealth

Hope this tittle got you. I know it did to me.

So you might be wondering. What can be stopping you from receiving the abundance and wealth you know you deserve?

This is a question so many of my clients ask themselves. They get stuck. They want to live an abundant life and have it all but when their reality stinges them they get stuck.

I want to share with you what can be STOPPING you from receiving the wealth you deserve:

1. Not being greatful for what you already have. Sometimes we go about in life wanting and desiring more but we forget to aknowledge what we already have. Be greatful for the abundance, and opportunities you currently already have.

2. Give back. Many people don’t like to give back. We live in a universe. Everything is energy here. The more we give we get. We got to train our minds to give and give happily. When we give happy we are letting the universe that we have more than enough. Try it and see how you feel after.

3. Hoarding what you have. So many people hoard money. What do I mean by hoarding money? Well they have some saved up and don’t want to touch it. They don’t allow it to flow. The energy is stuck is not flowwing, they basically stop the flow from the universe. You have to be okay with using what you have and being happy about it.

Hope these 3 ways help you get started to allowing more into your life. Because the truth is that you totally deserve it.

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