A Very Cool Interview You Will Enjoy!

Hello! Today I have something totally different for you.

I will be doing some interviews with some women I truly admire, who are living the life of their desire and walking their talk. I feel it is really important to really learn and listen to people who have what you want and have been where you are.

This time I have interviewed Jia Ni Teo. She is just 22 and a very successful business coach. She coaches starting coaches on building their business.

I have seen how so many women are struggling financially and are not well supported in this area. In my interview with her, you will learn all about how a woman should support herself financially, the main essence of business, etc.

Sherina: What would you say is the number one key to your success?

Jia Ni Teo: Implementation. I’ve always had this inkling and gut feeling that we all have the ability to create the life we desire to have. Faith in this knowing, fuelled by my strong belief and HUGE desire to live a conscious life doing what I LOVE, on my own terms, opened me up to being a student of everything life offered me. I implemented all the teachings and guidance I receive (and continue to do so), and I’d say that is a huge key to my success.

Sherina: I am aware that you currently are pursuing a college degree and building a business. What is your key in balancing such a busy lifestyle?

Jia Ni Teo: One of my top personal values is to live an authentic and aligned life with a spiritual basis. To me, this includes:

  1. Saying ‘Yes’ to what feels right and aligned with my vision, including saying, “Thank you, but I’ll pass this time” when it’s not the right fit now.
  2. Letting go of judgment/guilt that I am not doing “more,” thus honoring and maxing out each season of my life for what it is.
  3. Cultivating a spiritual framework, which keeps me grounded even when it’s a busy/chaotic period in college/business/life.

Sherina: If there is one thing you can recommend to women regarding wealth creation, what would it be and why?

Jia Ni Teo: Commit today and make a decision that you will succeed in creating the wealth that you desire, deserve and require – no matter what. Then, do everything you can from what you have that will help you create that wealth, whether it’s healing limiting beliefs, breaking down past conditioning, hiring a business coach to help you create systems and structures, start selling your packages, etc.

Take inspired action and implement everything that you can from where you are right now. When a woman says YES to her true purpose and gifts herself the permission to step into them, she starts showing up for herself and others, and money/wealth is a by-product of being of service to the world.

I hope you have enjoyed this interview and start saying YES to your desires.

Lots of love,
Sherina Mayani

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