Secrets to Setting Powerful Intentions

Hello Beautiful,

Hope you are having an amazing day.

 Today I want to talk about intentions. Michael Beckwith says it best. He says that the reason for our ‘unhappiness’ is due to our lack of intentions. The truth is that everything is energy. The more focused the energy is the more results we will create for ourselves in our life. There are many ways to set an intention. Intention is basically something you aim for.

 I want to share with you the way I do it.

  1. Make the decision you want to set an intention.
  2. Get clear on your intention. Using phrases like: I see myself….. or I am wealth… or I am joy…
  3. Ask yourself WHY you are intending that. Sometimes when we get clear on the WHY we detach and surrender from a specific outcome and allow the universe to truly deliver.
  4. Get Calm. We live in such a fast-paced society it is very easy to get carried away with the stress and energy of everyone else. It is really important to take a moment and get calm. With a calm mind we can really set powerful intentions. There are many ways to do this. Here are some of my ways:
  • Get a Massage (Helps you relax and get Calm)
  • Eat a Banana (Calms your stomach and your mind)
  • Have some calming tea (Chamomile)
  • Go for a walk and see things far away
  • Deep Breathing Exercises (Just breath in slowly and breath out slowly)

Close your eyes and set your intention and SEE, FEEL AND BELIEVE you are living it ALREADY.

And Done….

Try it. Share the results. They are very powerful.

My intention is for you to really get the most of this!

Lot’s of love,

Sherina Mayani

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