Let’s talk about “Fear of money running out” (Lack)

This is the craziest one. And it is the one that ruins most of us really. It’s the scarcity Money Block. Believing that there is no more available. It’s amazing how this block spreads like a disease and the reason for this is because we have been trained and programmed (many of us) to believe what we see.

As we really can’t see abundance or unlimited we can’t believe it which is really what makes us believe and take lack as our truth. We can see that there is only a certain amount in the bank.

But the truth is we don’t need to see unlimited money to believe it. We can feel it. And we can empower ourselves to choose to believe it. To believe that there is more than enough; because there really is.

This block is really about noticing where it comes from. Think about where and when you were programmed to believe that lack actually exists. The more mindful you become of this it will support you.

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