How you can Collapse Time and increase your results in Life and Business

Do you know that time is actually just an illusion. Space and time are illusions and they are our creations. This concept was very challenging for me to grasp when I first heard of it.  I didn’t understand it.
Until very recently I feel I am actually getting it.
I want to share with you few things you can do today to really increase your (time) and increase your results in your business and life:
1. Focus and Live in the NOW. The now is what counts. When you are focused and living in the now time passes (or at least you feel it does) very slowly. You can extend or shorten ‘time’ as much as you desire depending on where your focus and attention goes.

2. Create a ‘More than enough time’ mentality. Our outer world is just a mirror of our insides. If we believe and think that we don’t have enough time this will be reflected in our outer world. So start inside. Do that inside work. Get your mindset right. Think abundant thoughts. Think and believe that there is more than enough time for everything you desire. Do this and see how your outer world reflects this.

3. Don’t be so strict with timelines. Having goals are great. Having Deadlines and timelines can be good but I see so many people beating themselves up due to timelines. I see how timelines create unnecessary stress in so many people’s life. I am here to stay ditch the timeline. Give yourself a breather. You don’t know ‘when’ is the best time to achieve the goal. Allow the universe to show you. When we take the pressure of timelines off it is super amazing what we can accomplish. You probably will reach your timeline anyways 😉

4. Practice Deep Breathing. Sometimes with the speed of our society and city we can really get caught up with that. Remind yourself to just breathe and deep breathing. Deep Breathing will allow you to ground yourself again and come back in the present moment. This is something I practice with my private clients always. I do this to get them grounded and in the present and unstuck in the crazy and fast thinking. 

Start small. Start with one thing. Start collapsing time today and increase your results.

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