How I almost Quit everything in my life

Have you ever felt sometimes things getting too ‘hard’? Have you ever had the urge to just quit?

Well I have to share something with you. I felt that way recently. I have felt this way before. And recently I was in a point in which I almost gave up. Yes. I almost gave in and went home.

I have learned that there are two options here when this happens: (yes because it will happen to even the best of us)

  1. You can quit
  2. You can chose differently.

What I did?

I chose differently.

This is what I did:

  1. I chose to burst through the block. Yes. Lot’s of meditation and tapping!
  2. I chose to keep on keeping on. I kept moving no matter what.
  3. Emerged myself in a good feeling space/ people/ groups/ audios/ books
  4. I chose to take the time to integrate again. Sometimes before the light we are in the dark. Let’s really take advantage of that and integrate all the new energy in.

It doesn’t matter what happens TO YOU in your life. What happens is what we chose from it. What we chose to do about it or from it is what really creates the difference.

How are you going to be choosing differently?

If you are unsure from where to start and just want to break free from that stuck-feeling place I invite you to apply for a Discovery call here:

Let’s discover together how you may chose differently.

Remember. If you desire things in your life to change. You got to change things in your life.

Change your choices. Change your life.

Chose Differently

Lot’s of love,

Sherina Mayani

P.S. To find out how we can work together apply here:


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